Everything You Need To Know About Sports and Betting Accumulators

Jul 5th, 2014 Betting Tips

Anyone who enjoys spending his or her free time searching for the best UK betting sites, or filling up their smart phones with mobile betting should know a reasonable amount about accumulator and multiple betting. In some cases, you might have found yourself being hustled by bookmakers traps or making the wrong decision simply because you don’t have the right knowledge underneath your belt. The whole point in betting accumulators, as with any other form of chance game, is to win, and win big. However, the trouble is that winning a single match can be difficult in itself, so striking lucky on several matches in a row can take some serious skill. To do it properly, you will need to devote your time to researching your selection teams and working out effective betting strategies.

What is the Purpose of Betting Accumulators?

The introduction by bookmakers of the betting accumulator was created for the sake of enticing customers to place money on several bets with the chance that with relatively small stakes they could come away with a substantial return. Obviously, when it comes to betting accumulators you really need to rely on a great deal of guess work and luck to come out if it with a win every time, but doing this can be a great deal of fun, and a fantastic way to bet a small amount of cash on a really big win. Whenever you engage in betting, even if you find a free bet, , you are taking a risk, and that’s where the thrill comes in.Sport Betting

In today’s betting world, you could choose to exploit the avenue of betting accumulators to work against the guesswork, using a sizeable capital to act as your bookmaker and have multiple bets laid on several sports. Multiple betting on sports could give you a wider selection to choose from, and you could decide to mix several of your favourite sports together, including:

  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Tennis

The Advantage of Accumulator Bets

The main advantage of an accumulator is that the winnings are far higher in response to a higher degree of risk. When you choose an accumulator bet, only a single one of your selection needs to lose for you to lose the entire bet. Accumulators are typically available for all sports, but some bookmakers to vary when it comes to their rules about combining different selections, and often selections taken from the same event cannot be mixed into a single accumulator in order to prevent people from placing several bets on one runner. Furthermore, the selections have to be mutually independent. Because, unlike some other UK betting sites, sites with accumulator bets give clients an all-or-nothing style of game, some people prefer to hedge the risk of their bets by placing on the folds of the wager, making it possible to receive a return when every one of their selection doesn’t win.

An accumulator is made up of a bet of more than four sections, those which have fewer than four behave in a similar way but have different names, as follows:

Bet Name Number of Selections
Double 2
Treble 3
Four fold accumulator 4
Five fold accumulator 5
Six fold accumulator 6
Seven fold accumulator 7
Eight fold accumulator 8

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