Wimbledon 2015 Preview: Can Andy Do The Double?

Jun 27th, 2015 Betting Tips, Previews


As the mercury starts to rise in SW19, it can mean only one thing – another Wimbledon, right round the corner. The most prestigious of tennis majors, it’s a combination of heritage, location, and the grass surface that makes Wimbledon special. Few tournaments could be as special for Andy Murray as Wimbledon 2013, and as he moves through the final events prior, he is striving desperately to regain the level of form that saw him romp home in spectacular style.

But it won’t be easy, and Andy isn’t the only player with his eyes on the prize. In fact, the field this year could be as competitive as it has ever been, both for men, women and doubles competitions, which looks set to guarantee an action-packed fortnight for tennis fans worldwide.

Wimbledon proper kicks off on the 29th June, and will run until the 12th July, at which point we will know who has been crowned the 2015 Wimbledon Champion. But who are shaping up to be the contenders in this historic tournament, and what can history tell us about this year’s event?

A History of Wimbledon

The first Wimbledon event was held in 1877, making it the world’s oldest tennis major, and certainly the most prestigious. Taking place at the All England Club in Wimbledon, South London, the tournament takes place every year in the summer, to take advantage of the small window of pleasant weather in the UK!

Old WimbledonThe All England Club was founded in 1868, and move from croquet include tennis in 1875. As a result, Wimbledon has been central to the story of tennis as a sport, and remains at the ‘World Cup’ of tennis that every player wants to win.

The event is split into different competitions, which run in parallel – men’s singles, women’s singles, men and women’s doubles and mixed doubles. Spread across a number of different courts, the tournaments come to a head in the final few days, as the leading competitors in each division square off at Centre Court to decide the winner.

Many have tried and failed at Wimbledon, few have joined the elite ranks of winners, and even fewer have won on multiple occasions. So is it fantasy to think that Andy Murray could overcome reigning champion Novak Djokovic and others, on his way to an unprecedented second title for a British player? Or is Wimbledon 2015 shaping up to be another platform for Djokovic or Federer to show off their dominance?

The women’s tournament was first help at Wimbledon in 1884, with a field of just 13 players competing for the first ever prize. Today, it stands shoulder to shoulder with the men’s game, attracting similar levels of interest in its outcome.

The women’s game has come a long way since Sue Barker, Virginia Wade and others, and the story of the Williams sisters’ domination is likely to remain at feature at this years’ tournament, with Serena looking good to go far.

Wimbledon 2015 Runners and Riders


Novak Djokovic

The reigning champion, and in the midst of his playing prime, Djokovic has to be a front-runner for the prize this year. He starts out as initial favourite to win Wimbledon, but it may be tricky to return a worthwhile win on your bet given the odds of a Djokovic win.

Murray and DjokovicWith speed, poise, accuracy and power all combining in Djokovic, he is an extremely difficult opponent to break down, leaving very little margin for error for his opponents to capitalise. The Wimbledon result could rely as much on Djokovic having a difficult couple of weeks as on the outstanding play from any other member of the field.

Andy Murray

Scottish hero Andy Murray cemented his place in the history books as the first British player in over 70 years to win Wimbledon in 2013 when he triumphed over Djokovic in front of 17.3 million TV viewers in the UK. The number 2 player in the world at the time, Murray beat Djokovic with little difficulty to romp home with the win. But the following tournament in 2014 wasn’t as great for Andy, who failed to reach the final. Could this year be another opportunity for Andy Murray to make history at Wimbledon?

Murray has had a few notable successes along the way this season, and after changes in his backroom staff, he appears to have finally settled into something of a rhythm. He may not quite be playing the same level of tennis as he was back in the summer of 2013, but there is still time for Andy to make sure he’s there or thereabouts come the end of the tournament.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer is almost always one of the favourites, and this is no exception at Wimbledon 2015. Federer is arguably at the tail end of one of the most successful tennis careers in history, having been virtually unstoppable during his prime.

Today, Federer is still a serious opponent for anyone in the field, and will most likely progress towards the latter stages of the tournament. However, with both Djokovic and Murray looking sharper, it would take a special effort from the Swiss to pull out another Wimbledon victory this time around.

Rafa Nadal

Rafa is another (currently) fading star, but don’t let that fool you. Nadal has the energy and determination to pull things back, and to get his game back to the virtually unstoppable level it was at a few years ago. It seems unlikely that Wimbledon 2015 will be Rafa’s tournament, however he is always a formidable opponent, and is capable of beating any of the other major contenders on his day.


Serena Williams

Sharapova and WilliamsFew have ever been as dominant at any sport as the Williams sisters are at tennis, particularly Serena who overcame a tough slog to triumph over her sister Venus as the greatest female player of all time. The Tiger Woods of women’s tennis, Serena Williams can take on all comers, and is an undeniable favourite to lift the Wimbledon title again. Her power, pace and lethal serve is enough to intimidate the most experienced of opponents, and the field will have trouble containing her if the want to come through and triumph in the end.

Petra Kvitova

The defending Wimbledon women’s champion, Kvitova could look set to storm the tournament again, with her all-round skills that make her a tough opponent to beat. The Czech-born powerhouse is a doubt for the tournament however, having pulled out of initial Wimbledon warm-ups due to illness. Even if she recovers in time for the tournament kicking off, she may well be at less than her best if she is still carrying symptoms, and given the competitiveness of the field, she’d have to be at her best to challenge for the title again.

Maria Sharapova

Another big career name in women’s tennis, Maria Sharapova is the world number 4, and enters as a strong seed for the Wimbledon final. The Russian will be near the top of the tournament come its conclusion, and pending any disasters, could see herself into the final. Some people’s outside tip for the tournament, Sharapova is bringing with her a complete game that looks to be working for her, so there is every chance she could prevail come the end of the two-weeks.

Victoria Azarenka

The 25-year old Azarenka has already scaled the dizzying heights of the world rankings, but now finds herself lagging on the outside at number 31 in the world. Her form may have dipped, but we know from Azarenka’s previous displays that she has the capability to cause anyone problems.

Wimbledon WinnerWhere You Should Put Your Money

For the men’s game, there are a couple of clear favourites. Djokovic can never be written off, and the UK-factor coupled with the chance to make history a second time could make Andy Murray a serious contender. Murray, Nadal and Federer aren’t playing their best ever tennis at the moment, and so it may be the case that this is another one in the bag for Djokovic – consecutive titles at the All England Club for the Serbian tennis star.

However, the home crowd will be roaring for Murray, and he knows just how much the UK expects of his performance. In that sense, Andy may rediscover the edge he showed in 2013, and either way will perform well. At longer odds, this might be the sensible bet for the win.

The women’s tournament is shaping up to be closely fought, and there is now a lot of weight shifting behind Sharapova for the win. Serena is the clear favourite, but with news of Kvitova’s illness breaking, this could be a clear opportunity for Sharapova to break through. It could come down to who plays better on the day, but there is a good case to suggest that Sharapova might be the smart bet for this year’s competition.

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